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Life Credentials - A Peek Into My Story

You Can't Truly Understand Something Until it Happens to You


When I was twelve years old I had my first convulsive seizure. That day changed my life forever. They continued regularly for about six years. If I went two weeks without a seizure it was a great two weeks. The drop seizures and convulsions stopped when I had my first child probably due to the drastic hormonal shift, but began again later. During this time, I had partial seizures but they seemed to shift to a degree that I could LIVE a pretty full life. 

When I hit my mid-thirties, these seizures took a nasty turn into daily seizures of some sort. A mix of complex partial, simple partial, secondary generalized, grandmal seizures with debilitating migraines in between. Each day I never knew what would happen. I could no longer hold a job, drive or sometimes even care for herself. My seizure threshold had become so low that I could no longer figure out what was triggering them because it seemed like everything was a trigger.

My son also lived with seizures as a child and they were absolutely debilitating continuous complex partial seizures with the occasional secondary generalized. He struggled in school to such a degree that I home schooled him through junior high. He was so ill at one point that I was told to plan my son’s funeral because he would not live to graduate high school. He recovered with speech therapy, physical therapy, a lot less medication and lots of love. He is an adult now and LIVING a seizure free life.

Because of my personal experience with seizures and the horrific side effects from the medications that I suffered. Then my son having gone through a similar experience. I began to really look at my life as a whole (holistic) and questioned everything mind, body and spirit. I knew that there had to be a way to bring my seizure threshold up and LIVE a higher quality of life than I was living. I am not against medication there is certainly a place for them and they have saved me on many occasions. I simply believe that we we have control over certain aspects of our life and can use a holistic approach for our preventative daily self care. 

I began educating myself and making changes on my own. I could not find anyone that wanted to do anything for me other than prescribe yet another medication that either didn't work or simply changed the characteristics of the seizures. With one exception of a doctor who asked questions about me and my life and offered suggestions regarding nutrition and supplements. Although, admittedly he had no solid answers and was not a neurologist. He opened my mind to looking at the whole picture and not just the seizure itself. I returned to school and learned everything that I could about holistic health. 

The shift is when I realized that there is not one tool that would do the trick by itself. Instead, all the tools would work in synergy. I would have to make changes to nearly all aspects of my life and I could design my life to meet my needs. I would take an active role in reclaiming my life. 

Today I offer you all that I have learned on my journey both personally and professionally. I value your individual needs and provide a holistic approach to reclaim your life. I offer self-empowerment products, services (online and in person) and events. Be sure to "Stay in the Loop" by subscribing today!

On a personal note, I love reading, learning, going to the theater, being outdoors and spending time with my family. I am a friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. I want to live a healthy life for myself and for those I love. I want to be around for a long time and in a big way. I want more than to just get by in life I want to LIVE my highest quality life.


Here is to 

a seizure free day!

Patsy Branco


“To live in a world where seizures/epilepsy cease to exist”


“To enhance the lives of those LIVING with seizures/epilepsy by valuing their individual needs and providing a holistic approach to reclaiming their lives.”

Professional Credentials

  • Degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology with Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator, Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner with (SWIHA)

  • Complimentary education in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Stress Management, Intuition - Inner Wisdom, Addictions, Energy Anatomy, Essentials Oils, Aromatherapy, Death Dying and Hospice, Prayer Therapy, Pain Management, Meditation, Color Therapy, Music Therapy with (SWIHA)

  • Fitness Training with National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Public Speaking and Psychology coursework with Mohave Community College

  • A member of Toastmasters International

  • Studying Brain Thrive courses with Amen University