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Puzzle Pieces

Posted by [email protected] on April 26, 2017 at 10:25 AM

I like to think of our lives as a 1,000 piece puzzle and seizures are one piece of that puzzle. It is when we only see that one piece that we feel defeated. When we actively look at the other puzzle pieces that we realize that we are so much more. It is when we focus on the other 999 puzzle pieces that make us who we are that we begin to see that seizures are only one piece of the puzzle that we live with. They are not our identity.

What if I don't know what those other puzzle pieces are because it seems my whole life is wrapped up in seizures? Try one new thing. Maybe it is writing, painting, arts and crafts, being a great parent, meditating, gardening a sport or becoming a student. If you are not sure just pick something, anything, and try it out. See if that puzzle piece fits the whole picture of you.

As we fill in the rest of the puzzle pieces we begin to see the positive and enjoy our lives. We acknowledge our whole selves. What we focus on only gets bigger. So focus on your whole self and not just seizures.

We all are so much more than our seizures. Why do we say we have seizures? We do not own them. Seizures are only one piece of the puzzle that we live with.

What is one thing you can experiment with today that will help you locate one of those missing puzzle pieces?

I hope that you found this useful.

Patsy Branco

Empowerment Coach & Practitioner

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